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The Best Walks And Trails In NSW

Author: Greenhill, Sean ; Melanie
Publisher: New Holland Publishers


With over 900 reserves under National Parks and Wildlife Service management…

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With over 900 reserves under National Parks and Wildlife Service management and uncounted tracks, trails and reserves under local management, New South Wales presents a world of diverse and intriguing walking opportunities. This book aims to capture the diversity of the walks on offer, including walks of cultural significance, walks that showcase the diversity of landscapes, vegetation, wildlife and birdlife. The authors have included walks with some history, culture or further interest points attached and provided some insight into these aspects of the walk. Too often we have finished a walk only to realise we have missed an important aspect of what the location had to offer. The focus is on walks of 2-3 hours in duration. Keep in mind some walks may take longer if you stop to swim, gaze at whales, bird watch, read information boards or just picnic at a good vantage spot along the way – all of which is highly recommended. The walks chosen for inclusion in the book can be achieved with average fitness, and also included are a few more challenging walks that can be tackled after some more experience on the trails. Each walk is graded, indicating the level of difficulty. The grading system used is the Australian Walking Track Grading System (AWTGS).

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Greenhill, Sean ; Melanie


New Holland Publishers

Release Date

Tuesday November 15th, 2022


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