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Travel Your Way

Rediscover the world, on your own terms
Author: Thomas, Nathan James
Publisher: Exisle Publishing


How we travel has changed; why we travel has not. In this thought-provoking guide, wanderers, dreamers and nomads are challenged to go further and enhance their understanding of the world by exploring it on their own terms. Navigate the barriers with tools for making connections with places and people, and see the world as it really is.

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Travel is the opposite of prejudice; it is curiosity, openness, and connection. Now, when our world is in flux, travel matters more than ever. How we travel has changed, but why we travel has not. With barriers and restrictions coming and going at a dizzying rate, now is the time to learn how to make the most out of whatever travel opportunities we are able to seize.


With the right techniques and attitude, travel can open our eyes to new cultures and dispel stereotypes. It can force us out of our comfort zone. However, the benefits travel can unlock – increased understanding of the world, greater courage, better connection between cultures – don’t come automatically. Truly experiencing foreign cultures is something we need to work at.


From advice on how to accurately understand new places to practical tips on meeting with locals, overcoming the language barrier, and asking the right questions, Travel Your Way shows you how to discover the world on your own terms. The result is a more rewarding journey and a greater sense of connection to everywhere you go, whether you’re on a business trip, or backpacking across the globe.

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Rediscover the world, on your own terms


Thomas, Nathan James


Exisle Publishing


Paperback / softback