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Field Guide to Australian Wild

Over 1000 Common Australian Wildflowers
Author: Greig, Denise
Publisher: New Holland Publishers


Field Guide to Australian Wildflowers

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There are more than 20000 recognised species of flowering plants naturally occurring in Australia. These include some of the most varied and fascinating species in the plant kingdom. From tiny annuals and terrestrial orchids to large perennials, shrubs and trees, Australian plants vary greatly in size and their beautiful flowers come in a wide array of shapes and colours. Field Guide to Australian Wildflowers describes more than 1000 of the most common species found in Australia, each listed alphabetically within their family group. Species selected represent all the key floralistic regions of Australia, including the Grampians in Victoria; the Barrens and Stirling Ranges in Western Australia; Sydney’s heathlands and tropical north. Details provided to aid plant identification include: height, leaves, flowers, fruits, habitat, distribution and flowering season. Colour photography illustrates each species and, where helpful for identification purposes, line drawings of the leaf or fruit are also included.

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Over 1000 Common Australian Wildflowers


Greig, Denise


New Holland Publishers

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Friday October 1st, 1999


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