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Henry Lawson Poems

Author: Lawson, Henry
Publisher: HarperCollins - AU


A stunning collection from one of Australia’s favourite poets. Readers have long embraced the passionate energy of Henry Lawson’s poems. this collection of 177 poems showcases the very best of Lawson – heart-rendering tales of the human condition, rousing poems of social protest, images of comic characters, and classic portraits such as Middleton’s rouseabout, as well as some of Lawson’s lesser-known works, including the poignant verse addressed to his lost love, Hannah thornburn. Henry Lawson was a man burdened by poverty and deafness and haunted by the specters of alcoholism and madness. Against his tortured life, the spirit, humour and understanding evident in this collection show the breadth of Lawson’s achievement and demonstrate why he has endured as one of Australia’s great poets. Poems listed in chronological order, with title and first line indices. ‘Such pride as a man feels when he has true greatness as his guest, this newspaper feels in introducing to a million readers a man of ability hitherto unknown to them. Henry Lawson is his name.’ – New York Evening Journal ‘the first articulate voice of the real Australian’ – David McKee Wright in the preface to the first edition of Lawson’s Selected Poems, 1918 ‘Any book of Lawson’s should be bought and treasured by all who care for the real beginnings of Australian literature.’ – the Book Lover Magazine (US)

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Lawson, Henry


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