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What Goes Pop!

Australians have long been eager consumers of popular culture, and libraries are important storehouses of what goes pop with people and their communities. 

Pop culture covers the galaxy of relationships, events and rituals that take place in our everyday lives: the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the technology we use, the music we listen to, what we read and the way we use our leisure time.

Widely associated with youth, pop culture has formed a backdrop to countless Australian lives. American domination of cinema and television after the Second World War challenged our traditional allegiance to British culture. By the early 1960s, postwar babies were teenagers, keen to distance themselves from their parents through new forms of cultural expression. Today, advances in electronic and digital communications propel even swifter global transmission of ideas and consumer culture. 

Much of the evidence of popular culture disappears as quickly as it’s produced. Yet it is just as valuable for historians as the books and manuscripts more traditionally found on library shelves. 
These images are a selection from the exhibition What Goes Pop! at the State Library of NSW from 2 September 2017.
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